Black Angus

We disclosed the secret of real beef

Only a short time ago there was no beef suitable for steaks on the market. Marbled beef was only on menus of the premium restaurants and made a long way from America or Australia. It took only several years for Miratorg to establish in our country the unique full cycle production, and get the Russians familiar with the taste of real beef. Currently, real marbled beef is available to everyone. It can be bought in a food store, ordered at a restaurant or enjoyed in a burger shop. The secret of our real beef is based on correct choice of the steers of the Aberdeen Angus breed, feeding them with own produced grain, processing in our state-of-the-art automated facility and quality control at all the production stages.

What makes Miratorg marbled beef interesting?

The most popular beef cattle breed in the world

250 days
of feeding with grain crops that are produced on our own fields

Marble pattern of meat due to the fat lines

Unique taste, juiciness
and tenderness

Simple to cook and appetite result

Full assortment of the cuts and steaks from the meat experts

What do you need
to know about aging?

Beef aging (maturation) is the preparation of meat to consumption by way of natural changing its properties in the course of time.

The Black Angus advantages

100 % quality, naturalness and the unequalled taste are the main advantages of all the Black Angus products line. To make our beef complying with the strictest consumer’s requirements, we raise the cattle without the use of antibiotics and growth hormones. Our products do not contain GMO, and all steers gain weight under comfortable and humane farming conditions- firstly on the farms and pastures, then in the specialized fattening facilities. Minimum contact with humans help our cattle grow without stress, which improves eating qualities of meat.


Do you want to know the details of our steaks cooking and disclose the secrets of perfect marbled meat cooking from our chef Dmitry Lazko and the friendly team of Miratorg cooks? Watch our video recipes, test our products and experiment at you kitchen. Become real meat experts together with us.

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Говядина Black Angus Porterhouse Steak from Miratorg

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