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Beef Miratorg Signature

Miratorg Beef Signature is the best marbled Black Angus beef that has gone through additional 7 selection stages. Specific quality criteria as well as automatic and manual control create a truly faultless meat. It always has outstanding taste and flavor.

Signature marbled beef is selected by 7 additional criteria

  • Highest marbling grade — 50% of Prime
  • Marbling image higher than medium
  • Thickness of outer fat doesn’t exceed 2 cm
  • Ribeye varies in size from 65 to 100 cm2
  • Highest muscle form grade according to EUROPE
  • No meat from stressed animals
  • Manual choice of every steak
Our advantages

100% Black Angus
young steers

Corn feeding
during 250 days

Marbling higher
than 950 points

during 21 days

Automatic and manual
choice of every steak

Marbled beef got its name because of the thin fat lines that resemble a marble stone. The more fat lines there are on the cut the higher is the marbling grade, which means that meat is more tender, tastier and juicier. Signature beef has over 950 marbling points on USDA scale, which is one of the highest grades in the world.