Transport and Warehousing Logistics

Transport and Warehousing Logistics

We provide a complete range of transporting and warehousing logistic services covering the whole of Russia.

Having our own logistics company, plus a huge network of distribution centres enables us to guarantee the shipments of orders on time, and to complete specification, to any location in Russia.

1500 vehicles

equipped to ship goods at fixed temperatures between 0 and -22°С

14 warehousing

covering the whole of Russia

40 000 commercial delivery destinations

are already covered in our shipment zone

650 000 tonnes
of goods

get handled and delivered every year

Our services

Transport logistics

  • Goods shipments
  • Goods-in-transit insurance
  • Goods expedition
  • Cross-Docking

Warehousing logistics

  • Loading and unloading operations
  • Multi-temperature storage, and shipment processing
  • Processing and issuing waybills, and veterinary escorting of loads
  • WMS warehouse management system
  • Repackaging and stickering of shipments.
  • Goods freezing

Price per one pallet location - from 30 roubles

Our winning features

Your one-stop
logistics solution

We offer the complete service solution for goods storage and delivery

Extensive network
of our own warehouses

Our warehouses offer controlled temperature choices from 10°С to -20°С featuring zoning options including: deep-freeze (-18°С) and chilled produce (0..+5°С)

vehicle fleet

We are continuously upgrading and expanding our fleet of long-distance trucks with purpose-built articulated refrigerated trailer units

Vehicles of different tonnage

Our fleet features all categories of vehicles, from half-tonne vans for city deliveries, through to twenty-tonne HGV refrigerated trucks

Online shipment tracking

All of our vehicles are equipped with GPS monitoring systems, and for monitoring the temperature in the goods compartment

Achieving the highest standards

Our Class-A warehouses meet the highest logistic standards, offering optimum conditions for the storage and handling of any kinds of shipments


A fleet of over 1500 vehicles
We only invest in the best available vehicles – because they must meet the tough specifications we set down for reliability and efficiency of both the transport units and their freight capabilities.
Vehicles of different tonnage
We select and operate the most suitable categories of vehicle, when freighting shipments of all sizes
Our own logistics company
FRIO-Logistic is one of the largest specialised logistics hauliers in Russia.
Modern warehousing facilities
Our warehouses are equipped with front-padded shelving, for easy storage of large-volume deliveries
Modern warehousing systems
We optimise our workforce requirements during loading and unloading operations, transportation of goods, stacking deliveries in the right storage locations, and load-picking for setting up deliveries.
Leveraging the latest technology
offers substantially increased efficiency – by automating all the key processes to reduce times for loading, unloading and processing orders.
Maximising the use of every metre of space
Warehouse equipment helps get the most from space with multi-level storage, helping us to fit even more pallets into the available space.


Transport logistics

Warehousing logistics