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Dorper lamb

Lamb is meat from sheep not older than 4 months. It’s a diet product that is rich with protein, vitamins and amino acids. We rear our lamb at a modern facility in Kursk region where we provide completely stress-free housing. Lamb feeding is thoroughly planned and controlled: their diet consists of natural feeds that we produce ourselves.

Why choose Miratorg Dorper lamb?

Corn feeding

4 months old

Tender taste and flavor

About Dorper breed

Dorper breed has been reared since the beginning of the 20th century. This breed has an outstanding immune system, is easy to keep and easily gains weight. Dorper meat has light pink color with thing and even fat lines. Dorper lamb has delicate taste and tender flavor with milky and grass notes.

We rear Dorper lamb on a modern full-circle farm — it’s the first facility of this type in Russia. Here takes place whole growing process, from selecting and controlling the maternal cattle to final feeding up to the age of 4 months.

We provide

  • The best animals for further breeding and selection
  • Constant veterinary control
  • Control oved feeding diet and water
  • Humane and stress-free housing

Rearing Dorper lamb

First two months of their lives lamb spend with their mothers. During this time they only get milk. After two months and all due medical procedures lamb are transferred to separate facilities where they continue to grow and feed on natural feeds. Their daily diet includes silos, forage, corn and special vitamin and mineral complexes for sustainable growth.

Lamb and mutton: what’s the difference?

Lamb is meat from young animals that are younger than one year. Mutton is meat from sheep that are older and can be up to 6 years of age.

We rear lamb up to 4 months: the meat has a distinct pink color and thin fat lines; lamb has no strong odor and is digested easily.

Mutton has a more reddish color with yellow fat; the meat is chewier. Mutton usually has a distinct aroma that is easily recognizable but not so loved by people.

Miratorg Dorper lamb products mostly include meat on bones but they are light and small and give the dish a nice flavor.